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Buy BULK ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS online in Perth Australia.

Buy BULK ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS online in Perth Australia.

Delivery throughout Perth, Western Australia of ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS, ORGANIC SUPERFOODS and BULK ORGANIC FOOD SUPPLIES, from Perth's cheapest, local online, organic grocery, delivery store.

Organic barley grass is made by drying the leaves of young barley plants and grounding into a fine powder. Known as “natures best fast food” by the Romans and Greeks for over 5000 years because of it extraordinary multi-nutrient profile and therapeutic compounds. Enjoy the incredible benefits of organic barley powder in your juices or smoothies or even sneak it in to your savoury dishes. Barley grass is super high in vitamin C which is crucial for the overall health of the body, fighting off bacterial, fungal and viral infections. With its antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and massive amounts of vitamins and minerals, barley grass powder is a huge advantage to your daily routine for gut health, immune support and a balance healthy body full of energy.

Free from dairy, wheat, cane sugar and egg. Low fat, gluten free, raw, paleo, vegan and vegetarian friendly.

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Organic Raw Barley Grass Powder (Synergy)

Description: In today√ɬ¢√ǬÄ√Ǭôs fast paced world of over-refined, processed foods, we often don√ɬ¢√ǬÄ√Ǭôt eat what√ɬ¢√ǬÄ√Ǭôs best for us leaving us vulnerable to poor health and low energy. This is particularly true when it comes to fresh, green vegetables, essential in our diet for the supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, fibre and special nutrients like chlorophyll. As a natural multi-vitamin, Synergy Barley Grass provides all these nutrients integrated by Nature into a natural balance and potency un-matched by synthetic formulations. Weight for weight, Sy..

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