What is holding shoppers back from buying organic food in Perth, and what solutions are we providing?

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What is holding shoppers back from buying organic food in Perth, and what solutions are we providing the Perth organic food market?


See article https://www.watoday.com.au/national/we-re-thrifty-how-lauren-justifies-spending-most-of-her-food-budget-on-organics-20180828-p500ak.html to which we address may points key bellow.



Source: Australian Organic Market report, 2018



There is no doubting it, with the state of the WA economy, the price of organic food in Perth is at times often difficult to justify. This has been mostly due to a lack of supply, and lack of competition to help drive prices down. This is one of the reasons we started our online organic store to begin with. We are here to provide cheaper organic food options and force our competitors to have to adjust their price rates. A bit of fresh blood and healthy competition in the organic industry is good for every one. We don't believe in price fixing in the interest of profit, so are able to provide the best possible prices.


Knowing you can trust it is organic

With so many companies throwing around the "O" word (organic), it is difficult to know which companies you can actually trust are genuine. There are also many different certification bodies with foods coming from all parts of the world. With the increase in demand for organic products, there is inevitably going to be rogue companies trying to exploit any possible loop holes. We work closely with our farmers and suppliers, to ensure the integrity of all of our organic products. We provide source of origins which is important, as many products coming from parts such as China may be of lower standard. We generally only stock products from places like China, when there is simply no other options available.


I would like to know more

We work intensively to ensure as much information about our products and their production is available to the public. This includes extensive information on product specifications such as, Source of Origin, Growing method, Production method, Certification method.


Quality of product

Working directly with our local producers and suppliers enables us to greater oversite of the supplied end product. If we suspect there may be any quality concerns, we will not supply the product. We are all about providing a quality product, at a reasonable price. This is why our products are such good value for money.


Easier access/ convenience of buying

Our online order system is one of the easiest and most comprehensive organic food ordering and delivery systems on the internet. We have worked diligently to ensure an organic balance between easy convenient access and rich site features and functions. Our delivery service covers the whole Perth metro area, so people looking for organic food in Perth, WA, are only every a couple clicks away from fresh supply.


Info to convince me it is healthier

In our comprehensive blog section, we will soon have a whole range of articles based around current science backed research. We break this down into a form that is easy to digest and understand. While we are biased toward the organic food industry, we present our arguments based on the facts, rather than pseudo-science woo. We are also working with conventional farmers and assisting them to convert their ways to organic gradually, as we are able to provide up to date information on the benefits of organic agriculture.


Freshness of produce

Each of our products is monitored for freshness and the best before dates of every product will soon be supplied on every product page. We ensure each product has a best before date of no less than 6 months. Any items that fall outside of this window, will be available in our sales section for half price. Emails will be sent to our members when any item goes on sale, to give our customers the opportunity to purchase cheap organic food in Perth.


Info to convince me it is better for the environment

We will soon have many comprehensive blogs that focus on studies on environmental benefits of organic food production. This covers all areas from the growing of the the food, to the way it is produced.


Being easily able to identify it is organic

We have the most comprehensive product filtering function available. Each product can easily be filtered into different categories, including growing method, production method, and certification type. Not all of our products are certified organic, so we believe this to be a key feature for our online organic store.


Consistent availability of produce

One of the keys to our success, is having large stock quantities on hand at all times to handle increasing demand levels. Fortunately due to the high demand, we are able to be constantly turning over stock, and keeping products fresh. At times we may sell out of certain products, as demand is impossible to predict, however we have a stock notification system that enables customers to be notified as soon as fresh stock arrives. We try to over stock on all of our popular products, so running out of these is rarely an issue.


Info to convince me animals are better treated

We will soon have many blogs focusing on our producers, to give people a first hand insite into the farming practices. From these blobs, our customers will be able to make up their own minds on how they feel the animals are being handled.


Taste (not superior or no different)

We provide the opportunity for customers to sample our products directly, at our occasional market stalls. We will contact people who have subscribed to our newsletter with details as they come on hand.


Show that it has no GMO's

One of the benefits of certified organic food is that it is guaranteed to be GMO free. The certification process takes the guess work out of assessing whether a product is genetically modified or not. Not every product we sell is certified organic, so our conventional products are clearly labeled as GMO free if this is confirmed. Unfortunately this cannot always be confirmed, so in this case we will make this known to our customers.


Nothing - purchasing as much as I want to

We have no interest in preaching to the converted. While we are keen to get our information and products out, we do not practice pushy sales tactics like some health food stores. We provide the information so our customers can make as much of and informed purchase of our organic goods as possible.


Nothing - not interested in organic food

We have no interest in preaching to skeptics. We target our information to people who have already begun to make the organic conversion, however are finding it difficult to source detailed information.


I grow a lot of my own food

We provide a number of certified organic seeds in bulk which are perfect for people growing their own organic food. Organic seeds are often in small packs and quite expensive. Because we deal in bulk, our seed products are a very good option for home growers. We provide a whole range of organic seeds, many are perfect for sprouting.


Has less packaging than is currently being use

Because we supply organic foods in bulk, we provide the opportunity to drastically cut down on the issue of product waste. Many of our customers buy 1-2 years worth of bulk food, and store in separate containers for longer storage. Storage can be achieved by freezing many of our organic food items.

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