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Health foods ramped up as new weapon in supermarket wars

Posted by admin 26/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

Here is an article courtesy of news.com.au


Clearly this "article" is a case of marketing disguised as news (although very poorly), aimed at promoting the large supermarkets in store branded items. Disguised or native advertising uses strategies to hide ads in plain site, such as in the case of paid editorials or news stories. Despite this, the article in and of itself does raise some interesting concerns.


Of concern to us, and many other conscious consumers, is the difficulty in ascertaining the certification and origin of many organic products. Many consumers do not even know they may be paying a premium price for a product that may not really be organic, or may be certified by an agency, which does not meet the quality standards they may ascribe to the term organic.


This point is one of the many reasons we have created our website, and sought to remove much of the murkiness surrounding labelling. You won’t find any misleading claims here! What you think you are purchasing is what you get, with many options to filter specific food attributes that are important to you. For example you can filter out Australian Grown, Australian Certified Organic,  brand ect. We will also be creating a repository of easily accessible information that explains what each certification agency does, and how and where our products have been grown and produced.

Of the numerous considerations, you might consider when selecting a product for yourself and your family one of the greatest is the source of origin. Let’s face it we all want to support Aussie farmers and producers, but we also want to know when that isn’t possible where these ingredients are coming from. And we as consumers aren’t helped when we run into the dreaded “made from local and imported ingredients”. Whether this is used as deliberate deception by manufacturers or not remains to be seen, however it puts in place a barrier to clarity for the conscientious consumer.

Why does source of origin matter to so many people now days?

In an ideal world, we would be able to trust global regulators to adhere to the high quality and ethical standard that organic agriculture should signify. However, there have been numerous cases of contamination or outright deception in the organic industry internationally. Our priority is to source Australian owned, grown and manufactured. We do also wish to provide options for the well-informed consumer to make their own choices. Our search filters have been designed to filter source of origin, we have done the legwork for you all it takes is a click of a button. We want to help you make the choices you want to make, we know you are busy and want to provide the best quality food for yourself and your family


We offer other search tools which we will delve into in a follow up blog, such as being able to search for specific certifying bodies.


Another key point raised in the article is the need for industry and government bodies to ensure that customers and consumers are indeed getting what they think they are paying for. Many supermarkets and manufacturers are fond of throwing around the term organic, but you have to beware the small print! It is very legal for them to do so, there is no legislation in place to prevent them doing so, as long as they don’t claim that the product is certified organic. Many a busy consumer happily goes about their way, completely naïve that they have been had. After all, who has the time to research every purchase? There is an implied sense of trust that what is written on the label is what we are buying and paying for. One of our aims is to spread the word that this type of dishonest labelling is happening, so when you shop with not just us but with anyone you are more aware of what you are buying. We're all about informing people here at organicfoodperth.com.au


The article claims that healthy and organic foods are a trend. We strongly disagree with this, people are becoming more aware of what they are eating. More and more people are seeking foods that make them feel good and support their wellness. As the food chain becomes increasingly contaminated with plastics, pesticides and other sundry petrochemicals people are increasingly seeking out alternatives. Many companies are supporting with, with increasing food options and varieties being seen.


The number of conscious consumers is rapidly expanding, we at organicfoodperth.com.au are committed to partnering with you to make your wellness goals and everyday shopping as easy as possible. We understand you live in a face-paced world, we live there too! We seek to take the difficulty out of making food choices. Our commitment is full transparency, and a site you can trust.

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