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What’s motivates Organic Food Perth, where are we coming from and what are our goals?

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What’s motivates Organic Food Perth, where are we coming from and what are our goals. 


Our main objective at Organic Food Perth, is to provide good value sustainable products and enhance the lives of as many people as we possibly can. Having grown up in a state of poverty (still a world of luxury compared to most people in the 3rd world), we aim to make a modest living doing what we love, just enough to be able to live our life in a state of autonomy, without living in a constant financial stress. Hearing about "self made millionaires", business people who started out with more then we would ever desire to have is laughable. We can only imagine having the kind of safety net that enables you to take million dollar risks right out the gate, the mind boggles at the amount of positive change and good that could come from having access to that type of investment capital.  


We have no interest in acquiring frivolous assets (liabilities) such as fast cars, boats and large houses. That has never floated our boat. What actually drives us, is providing alternatives to the greedy food suppliers, redistributing worth back into the shopping cart of our consumers. Many of our competitors will come to despise us as time goes buy (meaning we’re fulfilling our purpose), as every dollar we earn is another dollar they can’t pump back in to their life of excess; however, frankly we really don’t care, as those same dollars mean we can support our family and customers. We know how it is to juggle the needs of your family and provide the life you want to see them lead, which is why we will always provide our goods at as small a markup as we can. Far too long has greed been the motivating factor in the food industry, and it’s about time things finally changed. We believe people need to look after each other, its a hard world out there lets not make it harder. If we all try and look out for each other we can see change, for the betterment of the greater good. There's nothing wrong with being competitive, unless it's to the detriment of humanity and the planet.


How we manage to do this, providing value, while still maintaining to balance the books and holding true to our ethos, will be a constant evolving learning process. We are realists, realizing it’s an idealist dream, and one that is virtually impossible to pull off, given the obstacles in place designed to prevent people from accessing cheaper healthy products. We really have our work cut out for us, however we live for this shit, and we are never ones to shy away from a great challenge. It is our purpose for being.


Many companies have all the hash tag trending buzz words in the world, appearing to be grassroots ambassadors for the environment and human kind. These companies sell well, as that is what many people are dying to hear. Everyone want’s to believe they are participating in change through their shopping practices. The way of the future is the way of the past, families supporting other families, small business and communities. Don't be fooled by fancy wrapper and buzz words. Get to know your food suppliers, and where their true motivations really lie.


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