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When is a farmers’ market not a farmers’ market?

Posted by admin 10/08/2015 0 Comment(s)

Here is an article on "farmers markets" which is on the money.

We have personal experience setting up stalls at various markets throughout Perth WA. It seems like there is a new market popping up every week now, getting in on the trend. People are fed up with the conventional food system and are looking for alternatives. Big companies have recognised this trend and are cashing in on naive "farmers market" shoppers. People seem to convince themselves since they buy their goods from a "farmers market" they are somehow doing themselves and the community a favour. This may not actually be so.

As this article alludes to many of these "farmers markets" are just fancy marketing. They may even be fronts for big companies to move second grade product cheaply to the consumer. Much of the product is even contaminated with dangerous levels of herbicides ect. It's always best to get to know the growers directly to ensure quality of food. There a lots of small organic growers who cannot afford to get their farms certified who have product often far superior to even the certified organic growers.

We would often go for the locally "insecticide free" as opposed to the certified organic product imported from over seas.

Obviously it's not always possible to get local organically grown products, however where possible we seek out a local suppliers of products.




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